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                                                                      CODY PURVIS

                                                                "Red Rover"

                                                                Independent Release





Cody Purvis is the definition of a troubadour navigating the Nashville music scene.

Over the past decade, he has experienced the highs and lows, has had monumental success that’s changed his career trajectory (see “Drinkin’ Terms”), and is the host of a sought-after stage to play in town with his weekly live show Nashville’s Most Wanted.

However, it wasn’t until this past year when he met the love of his life that his personal life and his music world really started to perfectly blend as he discovered more of who he is and what direction his music needs to be moving in. Take for example his last single “Overnight,” a steamy love song that recalled the crisp, late 2000’s era of country music when songs of this nature ruled the airwaves.

He now returns with his latest release, “Red Rover,” and continues to give us the steamier side of a love song while playfully flirting his way to a sexy night in.

With a bluesy tilt embedded into his 90’s/2000’s era country inspired sound, Purvis leans on a waltz type of feel in the melody to deliver the groove as he sings us through a lyric that entices his girl to come over and spend a late night in together as he encourages her to drive those miles across the county line while breaking the speed limit to get to him.

He then skillfully turns the heat way up in the chorus, and in second verse, as he paints very vivid pictures of what their night in will look like when she gets there; being one with lights down low, a bottle of wine, her favorite song playing on the hi-fi, them dancing close to one another, and ultimately, starting a fire between them that won’t easily extinguish.

A missing you while you’re not with me type of song isn’t thematically something new to country music, but by playfully injecting the “Red Rover” idea into the chorus as he sings “Red Rover, Red Rover…baby come over,” Purvis taps into our nostalgic memory banks in quite the clever way to hook us into a song that’s clearly designed for couples to have playing on their own stereo during a night in with their better half.

As Purvis’ personal life continues to experience changes, such as his upcoming marriage and twin girls on the way, it’s going to be interesting to watch him continue opening this next chapter. Though he’s been best known primarily for bar fueled drinkin’ songs such as the down trodden “Whiskey” or the tempo driven “College Years,” if his latest releases are any indication of his current direction, then we might be seeing a different side to Cody very soon which is an intriguing thought as the slight change to his lyrical content and focused efforts on his uniquely branded country style could be the shift to landing him back in chart territory.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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