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Single Review: Cash Creek - "You're All I Wish About"



                                                                      CASH CREEK

                                                                "You're All I Wish About" 

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Where a lot of the focus of CCB Nashville’s #newmusicfriday has been placed on their incredible artist roster and elevating them to the forefront, flagship artist/label owners Cash Creek have also been giving us some of their most solid material to date throughout 2022.

As has been the case with every month this year, the second Friday highlights a brand-new release from Cash Creek, and they return this week with their new single “You’re All I Wish About.”

The simple strum of the guitar through the intro immediately gives you a fresh spin on the feel of the era where groups like Blackhawk or Restless Heart ruled the airwaves, before giving way to soaring guitar licks that pull back at just the right moment to allow Kimo Forrest to slide his vocals into the spotlight.

I wish money grew on trees

I wish life was a breeze

I wish a bad day wouldn’t last all week

And more good ones came around…”

…Forrest sings in the opening verse as he begins to take us through his wish list, resonating with the listener as he speaks straight to everyday things that we all wish about such as a job that doesn’t steal his soul, a full gas tank all the time, etc.

But as we head into the chorus, he confesses that those wishes are who he was a couple weeks ago because now the only thing he’s wishing for is the woman that came into his life, stole his heart, and has him falling hard.

In a lust at first sight type of way he compares her to every falling star that ever fell, while using the second verse to sing of how what he used to do all the time, such as playing his guitar, doesn’t even allow him to escape his heart beating faster anymore as he’s continuously thinking about her and yearning to see her again soon.

Though Cash Creek has given us a few different looks this year with powerful, heart-tugging songs such as “January” or playfully fun songs such as “The Great Indoors,” they’ve really used 2022 as a bold showcase of how well they deliver a love song that speaks directly to the heart of happy couples – a demographic that is all too often overlooked!

“Lucky In Love,” “Over the Moon,” My Heart’s Goin’ Nowhere,” their incredible cover of Maggie Rose’s “It’s You,” and now “You’re All I Wish About,” all fit the bill as songs to be added to your “night in together” playlist.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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