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Single Review: Niko Moon - "I Can't Wait To Love You"



                                                                      NIKO MOON

                                                                      FT. ANNA MOON

                                                               "I Can't Wait To Love You" 

                                                                RCA Records Nashville





Niko Moon has absolutely defined himself over the past year as the go-to feel good artist for a chilled out, lovin’ life positivity thanks to his hit songs such as “Good Time,” “Small-Town State of Mind,” and “Easy Tonight.”

He continues to carry that laid back vibe into his new single “I Can’t Wait To Love You,” but alongside his wife Anna Moon (who guests on the song), they also give us an ultra-strong glimpse into their personal life as they prepare to be first-time parents this November.

Uniquely arranged over the sound of their daughter’s heartbeat, Niko and Anna blend their voices in crisp harmony as they pull us into the gamut of emotions they’re experiencing and all the different things that they’re looking forward to with becoming parents.

The lullaby kissed style of both the music and the lyrics allows Niko and Anna to wear their hearts on their sleeve as they bring us through a lyric full of the promises that they are making to their future daughter of all the things that they will try to be for her:

“When you take your first step, I won't miss a thing”

“When those monsters in the closet won't let you sleep at night, I'll chase 'em right on out”

“I'm always gonna be the steady rock you need.”

But it’s when Niko runs through the list of all the different moments that he can’t wait to experience with his daughter that the song tugs on your heartstrings as you can feel the anxious excitement in his voice as he sings:

“I can't wait to hear your laugh”

“I can't wait to see your smile”

“I can't wait to feel your hand when it's holding on to mine”

“I can't wait for you to say my name”

“I can't wait to see you dance while I'm playin' you a song”

“I can't wait to hear that pretty voice when you sing along”

“I can't wait to love you”

And as much as this song is 100% focused on the daughter, Moon also takes his moment to place praise on his wife when he sings that he hopes their daughter takes after her.

Niko and Anna have both said that this is the most special song they’ve ever written for all the obvious reasons, but because of this ultra-personal connection to them, it automatically resonates with the listener to give them an appreciation for the gifts in their own lives as they listen to the bold reminders of what matters most with being blessed to be a parent.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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