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                                                                      MADDIE LEIGH

                                                                "Morning After"

                                                                Independent Release





Currently a senior at the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, TN, rising country starlet Maddie Leigh has started to carve out her career path in big ways having already opened for artists such as Jason Aldean and Tucker Beathard. 

However, the Temecula, California native is about to make a major leap ahead with the release of her latest single, “Morning After.”

The song, co-written by Maddie and Elliot Prather, takes a modern, pop country approach to a 90’s country influenced style to offer an up-tempo bop that allows Leigh’s vocals to wrap all the next day emotions into lyrics that deliver a mature subject matter and boldly focus on the morning after what was supposed to be a wild one-night stand.

Great descriptions through the verses tell the tale of the playful last night from the next morning perspective as Leigh asks about how her jeans ended up hanging from the ceiling fan, ponders the empty bottle of cabernet sitting next to the microwave, and paints the picture of the bedroom as still having last night’s mascara on the pillow and messed up sheets on the bed.

Where this song veers different than most is when we hit the chorus and she confesses that she’s caught unexpected feelings after the hot night that’s transpired, while also in the second verse looking in the mirror and lamenting, “I guess I got nobody to blame but me.” 

Shoulda been a one-time thing

But you’re good at playing with heartstrings

Can’t afford to catch no butterflies

Been hurt one, two, three, many times

Dammit man you weren’t supposed to matter

But here I am missing you morning after

Finding your niche among a crowded country music scene is no easy task for an independent artist, and while there are no clear-cut blueprints for it, Maddie Leigh sticks her neck out on the line to take a solid risk with “Morning After.”

The transparent lyrics walk the fine line between what someone wants to admit and what they want to keep hidden away, giving this song a taboo factor that makes it feel a little dangerous, though also ultra-relatable to the 20-something demographic she’s aiming for. This risk will be the key factor as to why this sticks and levels her up! 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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