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                                                                      MADELINE EDWARDS

                                                                "The Wolves"

                                                                Independent Release





With the release of her self-titled EP a couple months ago, singer-songwriter Madeline Edwards put on a bold display that showcased her tremendous growth and cultivated with glowing media accolades for the EP’s lead single “Port City.”

Edwards now returns with “The Wolves,” her first new music since the release of EP, and a teaser of things still to come from a highly anticipated, much rumored full-length album. 

The song, written by Edwards with Emily Doty and Gavin Slate, sees her swerving away the current influx of pop infused country and sliding into more of an indie rock tilted vibe that saddles into a left of the dial country sound to give her a very unique flare that catches your ear the moment that the first notes are struck.

Full of unbridled confidence, Edwards leans into a lyric that sees her facing the naysayers head on as she pokes the bear so to speak, challenging them through several different dares that she throws at them throughout the opening verse:

I dare you to try and take me down…say that I can’t, I won’t, or I shouldn’t

I dare you to cover me in doubt, to question every move I make every minute.”

However, the depth of the lyric truly arrives when Edwards metaphorically raises a fist in the air to unapologetically sing of how she will rise above the negativity and that no one is gonna break her soul, slapping us then into the chorus where she declares on repeat that she isn’t scared of nothing, that she’s not running, and that she’s completely in control and ready to fight whatever comes her way as she steps up and tosses out one more bold challenge through the hook when she sings, “So go ahead and throw me to the wolves.”

Empowerment songs always resonate with the listening audience. We all go through different things in our lives that challenge us, but it’s how we come out the other side of them that defines us. This is the exact emotion that Edwards captures on “The Wolves” as she transparently invites us into a piece of her own life, while telling her personal story of overcoming in such a well-written way that it leaves the perfect amounts of space for us to connect the song to our own story as we’re encouraged to rise up and face our own challenges with a new air of confidence.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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