1)  Rumor has it that there’s some new music on the way from y’all. Tell us a little bit about your next single and when we can expect it to drop?

Chris – We have two songs that we’re deciding between right now, “American Dream” and “A Good Day To Get Gone.” They’re both up-tempo. One of them is the roll your windows down, just drive type of song and the other is about the little things, especially living here in America, that make life good. And it’s not about having the biggest house, a million dollars, or driving the nicest car… It’s being able to go home to your kids, being free to play outside, and all the little things.

And then on May 25th (2024) we have a song coming out with our buddy Sam Grow, “’Until A Heart Breaks.” That one will be our next radio single.  

2) You’ve been playing a lot of new music during your shows, and it’s all been going over with the fans really well. What new song seems to be the one that your fans are gravitating to the most right now?

Ben – “Runway” has been hitting off really well. And both “Good Day To Get Gone” and “American Dream.” The good thing about the songs is that there’s not bad ones, at least in my opinion. People are really enjoying the show and enjoying the new songs.

Chris – One of things we try to do in our show is set up moments; like literally set up the audience for a certain song so that it hits different. So, we’ve gotten some really good responses to all the new ones. Who knows how much it has to do with the songs? Who knows how much it has to do with the way we set it up? But yeah, “Runway” seems to be hitting pretty heavily.

3) While “All Trucks Go To Heaven” certainly put you on the radar, “Blacktop Don’t” provided monster success this past year with a #1 independent charting status for several months. What was it about that song that you feel really made it stick with the listeners the way that it did?

Ben – When we got pitched the song the very first time, I played it and was like we gotta have that! It immediately resonated with both of us. We loved it and knew that it could go somewhere and really could resonate with the audience.

Chris -  I think the cadence of the song. It’s really easy to follow and the topic isn’t politically driven or anything along those lines. It’s not a heartbreak song and you don’t need to be in love. It’s literally about anybody; talking about how the party starts where the blacktop ends.

4) We’ve been blessed to be at several of your live shows and you absolutely grab the crowd with pure energy and great setlists. How important is it for an independent label act like yourselves to find the balance between attracting a grassroot following through your shows with making the right song choices so you continue to impact at country radio?

Chris – It’s hand and hand at a certain point. Like when “’Until A Heart Breaks” comes out, that is definitely more of a radio song than it is a live song. It’s a slower tempo that’s sort of in the pocket, but topically/lyrically it’s one of those songs that when people hear it, they want to hear it again.

There’s a lot that goes into a setlist. You come out the gate and have to get their attention and hit them as hard as you can. And then you drop it off a cliff; you either drop into a slow song or into something completely unexpected, which is what we try to do; Leave them asking themselves what just happened? Once you’ve created that foundation, then you’re able to take some liberties as you go because people understand you.

We try to pick songs that do both for us, but every now and then something like “Until A Heart Breaks” happens and it has to be out there.

5) We have so many aspiring songwriters and artists that read our website, so we always like to end by asking this…what is the best piece of advice you can offer?

Ben – Somebody told me a long time ago, it’s not how good you are but who can outlast who. Talent is certainly important, but how willing are you to stay and keep going; it’s 12 years for me. I was ready to quit 6 years ago and then Chris happened and wouldn’t let me stop.

Chris – You got people out there now like Sam Hunt, Lainey, Jelly Roll… a lot of people are pointing to them and saying that they want to do it just like they all did; their own way and just burst on the scene. Nobody saw the years of refinement that people put into them. There is a method, and if you find your niche then you can do something different…but there is a method, a baseline that you have to build in the way that it’s supposed to be done in this city. It’s a business. You have to follow that method even if you think you’re unique. 99.9% of the time, you’re not but you just don’t realize it yet.

The second thing. People come into this town and make a connection and then they hoard it. They don’t want anyone around them to have it. They think if you help somebody else, they might take your spot. That’s not how this city works. The best example we can offer is Morgan Wallen, Lainey Wilson, and Hardy. Those guys came up together and look at what they’re all doing together now. If you’re willing to help other people, then people will see that, and they will want to help you cause they see that you’re a good person.

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis)


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