1) You’ve been teasing a new song on your socials, “Easy.” Tell us a bit about that song and why it’s such an important one to you.

It’s going to be the first single off my next project. It’s a little more country pop than anything I’ve done so far. I feel like the songwriting and vibe of it is very on brand for me, though, so I think it’s the perfect start to the next chapter.

The song is about how you can see how easy it is to be with this person, but then how they are making it also so easy to leave.

2) With “Easy,” what similarities will your long tenured fans find when compared to your previous releases?

The songwriting. I like to keep the same vibe through my writing. I write very personal songs, and my goal for this next project is that there’s something for anyone who loves country music. There’s a little country pop with “Easy,” there’s a couple ballads, more of a true country song.

3) With the buzz naturally forming around the song through these social teases, is there a release date in place for it yet? And if so, is it a stand-alone single for now or part of a bigger project you’re working on?

Yes, the next album is done. It will be sometime this year for sure. I’m thinking two, maybe three singles before the release, so later this year.

4) As you begin to open your next chapter since releasing your Back To Me EP in 2022, looking back over that batch songs from your now perspective today, which one stands out as a personal favorite for you?

That record was the first that I had released in four years, and I feel like that was the first time that I had put something out when I was in the moment.

But “On My Own” would probably be that one song.  It is so emotional. I don’t play it live a lot because it is so emotional for me to even sing.

5) We have so many aspiring songwriters and artists that read our website, so we always like to end by asking this…what is the best piece of advice you can offer?

The best advice that I’ve ever been given is don’t let our genre or our industry put you in a box that you don’t fit in. There’s plenty of room in our genre for everyone. You don’t have to sound a particular way or like somebody else. Stay on your path, in your own lane, and be authentically you. If you are, then that will shine through to your listener.

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis)


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