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  COREY KENT - Rust - RCA Records Nashville

Following a break-out year in 2023 that saw several accolades showered upon him, Corey Kent moved the dial from emerging artist to watch to a firm distinction as one who has clearly arrived.

However, rather than basking in the comfort of those successes, the budding superstar shows absolutely no signs of slowing down in 2024.

With a CRS New Faces appearance already added to his resume, and “This Heart” still making strong impact at country radio, Kent now continues heightening the buzz of things still to come with the release of “Rust.”

Co-written by Corey, Casey Brown, Jacob Davis, and Travis Wood, the fan favorite has become a staple of his live sets over the past few months, making this a very smart release that will not only answer the demand his growing following, but will further cement his signature aura as he moves another notch forward on his path.

Swarmed in a driving melody that walks a rock essence against his recognizable country edge, the road dusted rhythmic structure perfectly accents his voice, allowing its natural grit to hold each turn of the lyric as he sings a brilliantly created comparative between the lifespan of a car and a relationship weathering the bends of inevitable ups and downs.

Tougher than a Ford, more solid than a Chevy,” he sings on the songs opening line, immediately spotlighting his assured knowing that what they have is truly something special, fueling straight into the chorus as he lifts praises on the type of love they’ve achieved through their endurance:

“This love won’t rust

It holds right up

Ain’t going nowhere

When the going gets tough

The shine might fade

The rain’s gon’ come

We’ll weather that storm

Whenever it does

This love don’t rust”

Transparently admitting that they’re shine has been tarnished with some grit and dirt though their past tribulations, while maturely examining the truth that their future will see more of the devil’s testing, Kent holds tightly to the two consistently stable rocks that help him navigate the trenches; his King James Bible and her.

As he showcased on “Something’s Gonna Kill Me,” and now again on “Rust,” the wordsmith finds expert ways to take universally common themes and craft them so that they are freshly different and always unique, evoking the emotions of the listener through a truth in his vocal as each word matches the instrumentation placement to strike the right chord.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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