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  BOOMTOWN SAINTS - Good Day To Get Gone - 8-Track Entertainment

As multi-week, #1 single “Blacktop Don’t” made major impact at country radio this past year, it continually elevated the status of BoomTown Saints to exciting new levels, moving them to a lens of nationwide recognizability while adding bold emphasis to the fact that they’re one of country music’s hottest duo’s worth keeping your eyes on.

Outlined in their energetic live show, personalities that draw you in as a peer and not just a fan, and the tease of highly anticipated new music, BoomTown Saints now strike 2024 with the song they’ve recently been opening their shows with, “Good Day To Get Gone.”

Wrapping its rhythmic intro into a melodic drive of guitar that holds the feel-good vibes, you’re immediately transported through the aura of the song as Ben drops his lead vocal into the opening verse, teasing that he and his better half need to go ahead and cash his pay check, hop in the truck, blow right past the city limit sign, and “get gone” on a backwoods kind of drive out to the country.

Deepening his encouragement of her to throw carefree caution to the wind, he sings lines through-out each of the verses such as “we’ve put off leavin’ too long” and “that piece of heaven is out there somewhere, we’re gonna find it, we’re gonna get there,” accenting the lift of the irresistibly catchy chorus as it smashes their crisp harmonies into one another to entice a rousing sing along:

“Let these wheels spin ‘round

Baby it’s time we take us some time

‘Fore the sun goes down

Let’s chase it across that blue sky

That clock keeps on tickin’

And life is for livin’

So what are we waiting on

It’s a good day to get gone”

Though their drive is mostly a non-destination journey, it also brushes the perfect descriptives of a soul cleansing that’s so desperately needed, stepping away from the rush of everyday life to get lost together in a memory induced moment that’s surrounded in a Brooks & Dunn song while basking in the glow of the escape to the optimistic unknown.

With summertime geared references swallowed within a melody that radiates sunshine, this is certainly the right timing for this release, connecting directly with the warmer weather months that are nearly upon us while further stamping the signature aspects that are creating a deafening buzz around BoomTown Saints as the promise of even more new music is on the near horizon.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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