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  ADAM WARNER - The People - ONErpm

With over 10 million streams since first arriving on the country music scene, Marine Veteran Adam Warner has garnered a tremendous buzz through his addictively unapologetic style that leans its essence into the core values he holds most important while masking the edge of modern country against a throwback flash reminiscent of a decade ago.

Following a year of successful releases, “Cowboy Crazy,” “The Farmer,” “Boots in the Bed,” and the ultra-modern “Back When,” Warner now offers the next look at his forthcoming EP with his new single, “The People.”

The poignant song, co-written by Chris Rafetto, Mark Addison Chandler, and Josh Gallagher, uses a 2010’s era approach in its melody to allow the ebbs and flows of Warner’s rich vocal to carry the importance of the lyric as he highlights the impact made by good-hearted people.

Running through a listing in each of the verses that spells out the everyday people who make up who we are as small-town USA, Warner brushes the descriptives with just enough vagueness to place emphasis on the connectable factor that one of the people he’s mentioned is someone you’ll recognize in your own life.

Mentions include the often overshadowed, always uber important tee-ball coach, teacher, and waitress, before moving into deeper territory with nods to the Gold star wife giving overtime at the VA and those putting their life on the lines for a stranger; the soldiers, the sailors, etc.

"I wanted to record this song because it's meaningful and describes how I feel and what I believe in. It's not about the left or the right, it's about all of us. It's the people of this country that truly makes America great and the quicker we realize that, the better off we'll be," says Adam Warner about the song, which hits its crescendo moment in its hook, “Ain’t the Stars and the Stripes putting Freedom in the wings of the Eagle, It’s the people!”

Opening a photo album chalked full of snapshots of America, “The People” is an anthem for the blue-collar and the average American folks who too often don’t get the credit they deserve.

In an era that will have you believing only bad things are happening in our world today, Warner swerves the onslaught of negativity spewed at us through social media and news stations, to instead shower deserving, appreciative praise on the people who are still doing the good works, still teaching morals and values, and still leading generation next with the right example to follow.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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