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  ALANNAH MCCREADY - Easy - Independent Release

Though it’s been two years since her breakthrough EP, Back To Me, Alannah McCready has spent her time since then continually honing her craft while finding exactly what she wanted to say through her music as she readied her next chapter.

That anticipated next chapter now begins with the release of her brand-new single, “Easy.”

With its hot opening lacing the country pop backbeat, the production immediately slides underneath the whispered edges of her voice in addictive accompaniment as McCready moves through a myriad of unbalanced emotions, allowing the melody to guide the drifts of her register as she teeters the confusing moment between a love that could have been so easy with the fact of how easy they made it to walk away.

Battling the juxtaposition in the aftermath of the split of wanting to be self-less against the yearning to be selfish, McCready grips the natural ups and downs while utilizing the increasing pulse of the rhythm to match her emotional drive of trying to forget the pain that he put her through.

Masterfully building toward the crescendo moment of the chorus, in what feels like a moment of freeing contentment, the instrumentation lifts to an insatiable pop groove through her realization that it’s okay to feel like she’s been feeling while learning to navigate her broken-hearted situation by no longer blaming herself:

“Don’t you know it could have been easy

Don’t you know you could have been honest

Don’t you think you owe that to me

Don’t you think it’s kind of ironic

You said I was all that you needed

Gave you everything that you wanted

Left me in a million pieces

Don’t you think it’s kind of ironic

How you made it look so easy”

The remarkable switch in tempo into second verse sees McCready spewing lines at a rapid pace, wrapped in a purely pop inspired vibe, spotlighting a unique risk in structure that sees her swerving the standard, typical style of songwriting to flavor in something different as she lyrically rediscovers her confidence and self-worth.

The momentary softness through the opening of the final chorus presents yet another entirely different feel, eclipsing the song with a bold exclamation point that gels a variety of styles into one strong showing that opens her next chapter with an intriguing showcase of maturity and growth, creating a buzzworthy accent on the things still to come.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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