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ALLIE COLLEEN FT. LEE BRICE - While We're Still Friends - Evangeline Records

In today’s astoundingly-competitive music industry, it can seem an almost impossible feat to distinguish oneself from the thousands of other aspiring artists.  One must possess a nearly unattainable combination of talent and work ethic in order to shine brighter than most and make a name for oneself amongst fans and critics.

Impeccably talented singer-songwriter Allie Colleen has released her first new music of 2024.  “While We’re Still Friends”, featuring Lee Brice, is available digitally and on all streaming platforms now via Evangeline Records.

Written by Allie along with Lee and Sara Brice, the song tells the tale of realization that a relationship isn’t going anywhere and is destined for failure.  Rather than try to test the limits and prolong the inevitable, it encourages the decision to end things before resentment and bitter feelings ensue.  As will sure be the case for many listeners, the tune hit home for Colleen as well.

“For me as a writer, this song was written looking at my marriage and the beautiful season about to end,” Allie shared.  “I hope the listeners find comfort in knowing the absolute bravery required to make the best decisions for themselves and for the best of both partners.  I hope this song creates a safe space to feel and reflect.”

The lyrics are beautifully written, telling an emotional tale through vivid imagery and poetic inferences that eloquently capture the vibe and essence of the song’s central subject.  Allie’s vocals take the tune to the next level, as she breezes through the verses and soars into the chorus with the perfect combination of vulnerability, sensitivity, and musical confidence.

“While we’re still friends

While we’re still here

Before the last thread of us forever disappears

Before we let go

Give me your hand

Let’s make the most love while we can

While we’re still friends”

Ever since the release of her debut album, ‘STONES’, Allie Colleen has garnered the attention and praise of the industry for her uniquely exquisite musical style, from songwriting to vocal delivery to instrumental arrangements.  The personal space from which she sings adds an unmeasurable degree of emotion and connectivity to everything she writes and sings, making her a truly unique talent on the country music spectrum.  With a musical maturity well beyond her years showcased in this latest track, along with the collaboration of one of the genre’s top songwriting artists, Lee Brice, Allie Colleen has made quite the impression with her first release of 2024.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)




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