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MAKENZIE PHIPPS - Eighteen Wheels - Independent Release

Bluefield, WV native Makenzie Phipps continues to add to her music catalogue with the release of a brand new song, available now digitally and on all streaming platforms.

“Eighteen Wheels”, written by Shane Begley and produced by Sal Oliveri, tells the beautiful tale of life on the road and providing for one’s family, all the while experiencing the pros and cons of such a lifestyle.  Simultaneously, the tune pays homage and tribute to those who embrace this lifestyle to not only provide for their own families, but also haul the food, cargo and other necessities so that the rest of us can live without interruption.

The subject matter and lyrics immediately resonated with Makenzie, who added her own artistry and musical ingenuity to take it to the next level from an emotionally impactful standpoint.

“Not only does it convey a beautiful, tear-jerking story, but it also expresses our gratitude for all truck drivers out there,” Phipps shared.  “Some family members of mine were truck drivers and I appreciate their hard work as well as all of the truckers working all over today.  I mean after all, without truck drivers, the world would not go ‘round.  I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of this song!”

Makenzie’s vocals are beautiful on this track, effortlessly flowing through the verses and soaring into the chorus with the confidence of a seasoned star.  Her musical maturity continues to develop from release to release, and we can hear the natural gifts she possesses shine through at all the right moments.

The song was premiered by Voice of America’s Border Crossings with Larry London, while Cowboys & Indians also premiered an acoustic version in support of the release.

Phipps is on the fast track to country music success, demanding the attention of the industry for her undeniable talent.  And while her high-profile covers of Alan Jackson’s “I Want To Stroll Over Heaven With You,” as well as classics “Amazing Grace” and “Travelin’ Soldier” are impressive, she has brightened her star power with every release of original music. 

From “Maybe” to “Drag” to “A Little Of Both” and “You Bring The Beer (I’ll Bring The Noise)”, Makenzie is proving herself a talented songwriter just as much as an incredible vocalist, while also showcasing her musical variety while blending her sound between genres and disciplines.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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