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  NATE SMITH - Bulletproof - RCA Records Nashville

As has been the case with many artists over the years, Nate Smith has had his fair share of ups and downs along his journey in becoming a country music star.  Following a career-changing 2023 that saw his smash single, “World On Fire”, reign atop the charts for eight weeks, the RCA Records Nashville Recording artist is back with his first song of 2024.  “Bulletproof” is available digitally and on all streaming platforms now.

Written by country music heavy hitters Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, and Hunter Phelps, the tune tells the tale of how powerful and often times invincible the memory of a past relationship can be, and the effects it can have on one’s head and heart.  Creatively crafted with nostalgically relatable lyrics and a clean, catchy melody with the riffs and hooks in all the right places, this is a song that will find success on radio and the charts, while garnering an approval rating from critics, fans and media alike.

“I’ve tried Jack, I’m tried Jim

I’ve tried every last one of them

Ol’ heartbreak bottles up on that shelf

But the burn don’t work and the buzz don’t help

Been taking these shots, shots, shots

80, 90, everything they’ve got

But the whiskey don’t kill like it’s supposed to do

Baby, your memory must be bulletproof”

And while he didn’t have a direct hand in penning the tune, Smith fell in love with it the moment he heard it.  As he describes, the subject matter hit home for him, as it does for those of us who have struggled to rid ourselves of the painstaking memories of a past relationship.

“I’ve dealt with some heartache throughout my life, and I’ve also been the deliverer of heartache to some.  It’s funny because we think sometimes that alcohol is gonna make you forget the person, but often times it brings it right back up.  There are so many things we can try to do to get over someone we love, but really time is the only thing that can help.”’

“Bulletproof” is one of seven songs included on his ‘Through The Smoke’ EP, scheduled for an April 5th release.  Smith kicked off his headlining WORLD ON FIRE TOUR last month, and he is set to join Morgan Wallen for his ONE NIGHT AT A TIME 2024 TOUR this spring and summer.

Kicking off the year with an accomplishment matched by only a few in the past 30 plus years, Smith is well on his way to becoming a massive country music star.  “World On Fire” earned the No. 1 spot on Billboard Country Airplay chart for eight straight weeks, joining the company of “Last Night” by the aforementioned Wallen, “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” by Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, and “Amazed” Lonestar as the second-longest No. 1 chart rein since Country Airplay began in 1990.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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