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SHANE PROFITT - Good Luck and God - BMLG

When he released his debut EP Maury County Line and its Top 15-charting single “How It Oughta Be,” Shane Profitt saw the dream come to fruition as the blue-collar talent became the definition of small-town, country boy charm.

Within that newfound spotlight he continued connecting with his down-home audience when he stripped away the layers of his natural swagger to add emotional depth to the impactful heart-tugger, “Still Picks Up.”

He caps off his year with what is his most encouraging and inspiring song to date, “Good Luck and God.”

Inspired by real-life moments, the song co-written by Profitt, Pryor Baird, and Jamie Paulin sees him hushing his strong bravado against a softer toned melody and a refreshing amount of traditional flare through the slide of steel as he sings through a listing of blessings that you can’t help but understand can only come from above.

A high school kid puts a truck in a ditch and walks away without a scratch” and “after two years of trying she broke down crying cause she’s finally gonna be a mom,” are just two of the situations touched upon during the opening verse, while during the second he stands in awe of answered prayers when the girl he loved came back to him and mended his broken heart.

Each of these situations, however, are expertly defined in the praise-filled chorus by the realization that while some may simply call it good luck, it’s the unwavering power of God:

“One is a gamble one is for certain

One comes and goes while the other keeps working

One you can lean on hard times or not

One will get you to heaven while the other one ain’t got a shot

That’s the difference in good luck and God”

Fusing this realization together in the bridge, he boldly faces the mirror from his now perspective to admit that the Godly wisdom he’s preaching today only came to him through his eureka moment understanding that it was never good luck that laid the steps for him to take.

As country music purists stay in heated conversation about wanting more thought-provoking emotion in lyrics, along comes Shane Profitt to answer their request line. Each of his last two releases, “Still Picks Up” and now “Good Luck and God,”  hold tightly to the ideals of the genre’s foundations through raw transparency in his voice that adds whats needed to strike the right chords with the listener’s heart.

Within all his gifted abilities, the way he delivers a composition with such authenticity becomes the key reason that Shane Profitt showcases that he’s just getting started, while intriguingly enticing us with the buzz of things still to come from his incredible next chapter that’s about to hit strong in 2024!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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