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 PAIGE KING JOHNSON - I Thank God - PCG Records

Since bursting onto the country music scene with “Baby Don’t,” Paige King Johnson continued turning heads with her debut album Honky Tonk Heart and igniting tremendous buzz on each of its additional singles: “Homes in the Hometowns,” “American Beauty,” “Famous Enough,” and “Why God Made Small Towns.”

She now returns with the very poignant “I Thank God.”

The song, co-written by Paige and Mike Astrachan, leans its melody into a softer glide to perfectly accent the natural innocence of Johnson’s vocal as she adds down-home honesty to the heartfelt truths of the lyric, focusing on how the simple things in our lives are the biggest blessings we receive.

Running down a list of specifics in the opening verse that has her appreciatively thanking God, Paige takes us on a journey into each little moment throughout her entire day, from her first cup of coffee as the sun rises to kissing her husband goodbye on her way out the door.

Utilizing the first chorus to further highlight the everyday ideas to be most grateful for, Johnson raises a smile for her family and friends, the memories they’ve made, and those who’ve stuck by her side even when she’s lost.

The second verse then spotlights a vast reminder through the front porch waving of Old Glory that tells us to always offer a thankful salute to the soldiers who’ve constantly come through with giving us the freedoms that we so freely enjoy.

But it’s how she expertly flavors the final turn of the song that she elevates it to an extremely gifted depth. The addition of a gospel choir adds a layer that pops the prayer like lyric through a last chorus, which sees her pointing it all back vertically in admiration of His unconditional love:

“I thank God for his Son and the words that He spoke

I thank God for salvation at the end of my rope

Cause it’s a promise that I know that He’ll keep

Through the trials and tribulations that I see

Cause I know He sacrificed it all for me

I thank God!”

Having road tested the song during some of her more recent rounds, and already receiving glowing accolades from the fans who’ve connected to it so strongly, God has provided Paige King Johnson with a knowing wink that showcases how “I Thank God” is lining up to be one of those much-needed songs that arrives at the right place and right time, reaching through the speakers to bless us with the true transforming power of God through song.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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