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 BYRDIE WILSON - Where My Roots Run - Independent Release

From tragedy often comes motivation, and in the case of singer-songwriter Byrdie Wilson, a healing process discovered in the art of songwriting after the death of her boyfriend in 2020 which has now repositioned her to not only fully re-emerge onto the country music scene, but to admirably become an advocate for mental health and suicide prevention.  

Using much of the past two years to reintroduce herself through song, Wilson has been laying strong foundations and gaining traction with “In This Town,” “He Looks Through Me,” and “Broadway.”

She now returns with her newest release, “Where My Roots Run.”

With an insatiable pop country flavoring flaring an instant bounce dripped into the guitar strikes through the intro, Wilson immediately grabs the listener and has them bopping along with the melody as she unfolds a road map to autobiographically take us to the small-town that shaped who she is today.

Grew up in the sticks….you might not think I did,” the New York born/South Carolina raised Byrdie sings on the opening lines, before then twisting us through the many different aspects that describe the way of life she knew and loved in her most formative years; down-home backwoods livin’,  a mix of Sunday morning church bells and redneck raisin’ hell, dirt road proud, and front porch flyers of the red, white, and blue.

With an irresistible sway embedded into the rhythm of the chorus, she boldly shouts praise for where she comes from through descriptive lines that land at the fact of the hook that this is the place where her roots run:

“Got the radio up loud, back roads jumping…give em some country”

“My neck of the woods does ya right”

“Where the crickets all sing, and the creek don’t sink”

As she continues releasing inspired new music, Byrdie Wilson further opens the photo album of who she is to the listener, drawing a connection factor with them that pulls them not only into each song, but into to knowing her as a peer, a friend, and as someone who is relatable and just like themselves.

Couple these very strong attributes that “Where My Roots Run” presents through its ultra-catchy melody and her appreciative feistiness for hometown pride within her vocal output, and you can clearly visualize her leaping up two steps at a time toward the top of the staircase that she’s been steadily climbing to this point.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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