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  BRADLEY GASKIN - Accidentally Drunk- 30A Life Records

You’d be hard pressed to find a country music lover that doesn’t remember the song “Mr. Bartender,” the 2011 debut from neo-traditionalist Bradley Gaskin, which catapulted him to top 40 status, landed him on top of several artist to watch lists, and earned him a reoccurring place on the hallowed stage of the Grand Ole Opry.

But as life so often does, it drew Gaskin away from the bright spotlight for nearly a decade before we’d see this promising act slowly start to reemerge over this past year with a fresh, authentic drive toward his most current output of songs.

With very well received Nashville performances at The Basement over the past 6 months, Gaskin has continually turned ears toward the intriguing new material that he’s been working on with legendary producer Keith Stegall, culminating with the release of his brand-new single, “Accidentally Drunk.”

The song, written by Ashley McBryde, Justin Ebach, and Dan Smalley, infuses its mid-tempo moodiness with modern flashes to add a flare of here and now to the underlining tones of country music’s firm foundations that are laced throughout the vibe as Gaskin accents his voice against the emotional strain of trying to stay sober while overcoming the pain of recent heartbreak.

I was tired of waking up to another hangover,” he laments through the opening line of the song, setting the tone for where he’s been mentally after the breakup as he weaves us through the proud moments that he’s had with staying sober through trying instances of potential weakness, only to land at the transparently truthful line, “but I could only fight your memory sober so long,” leading into the chorus:

“Til I start thinking about you

Wondering where you’re at

Jump in the truck, drive too fast

Don’t get far, end up at the bar

Put it in park, that’s where it starts

With a two finger pour

Telling this glass of tequila

I’m only drinking til I don’t need you

But oh, next thing I know

The sun’s coming up

And I’m accidentally drunk”

Admitting in the second half of the song with shifting tones of self-inflicted shame that he thought it’d be alright through a confession that he’s losing his fight against their memory, Gaskin reaches through the speakers with an understanding shoulder to lean on for those who are struggling with heartbreak while signaling to them that they aren’t alone.

With an overall feel that skillfully matches exactly what’s happening at radio today, but masterfully still carrying the qualities that have always made Bradley Gaskin unique, this is a very strong welcome back for one of country music’s most promising acts of the past decade and a uber solid outing to reignite the fuel to create a buzz ahead of things still to come.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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