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  HANNAH NOEL - Shot Down (The Huntin' Song) - Independent Release

When TCM Class of 2023 artist Hannah Noel released “Don’t Sell Your Saddle” this past August, the Georgia native immediately made impact at country radio and touched the hearts of listeners through the ultra-encouraging message as she dripped her insatiable drawl into the heartfelt honesty of the lyric. 

She now captivates again on her brand-new single, “Shot Down (The Huntin’ Song).”

Tapping into her folk inspired Americana influences, the acoustic pacing allows her uniquely distinct vocals to pull emotional heartstrings as she opens her diary and allows the listener to peek inside, tugging and bending through the natural struggles that come with chasing after something that at times feels unattainable.

Sometimes in life you need to shut down the noise swirling all around you and escape to your place of solitude where you can get quiet with just you and God. This is the exact place that we find Hannah as she takes us to her peace-filled surroundings high up in a deer stand where she’s just philosophically arrived at the truth written in red, “Seems like you gotta be still to let patience find you.”

Through amazingly written imagery that paints hunting scenarios and relays pieces of its terminology, Noel expertly wraps those clever phrasings into life’s most overwhelming moments such as the frustrations of waiting and the feeling like you’re working hard to get nowhere, arriving at the incredibly crafted chorus:

“I’ve been stuck in a rut, so I put myself in the middle of one

Sitting with the son who rose while I watch the sunrise

On this backwoods pew sitting high in a pine

I’m reminded you gotta risk it all

Fall and hit the ground

Praying make your hometown proud

To be mount up you’ve gotta be shot down”

With outright confession she strikes the poignant line in the second verse, “no more chasing when I’m the one who wants to be found,” adding the focal point to the depth-filled lyric as she bears her struggles to God, laying them at the foot of the cross while firmly understanding that He is always an amazing provider and never leaves our side through thick and thin.

Matching the softness of the melody with the vulnerable cry in her voice, Hannah Noel sings the listener through a transparently open prayer that allows her to signal to you that you’re not alone in your struggle situations while lending you her shoulder to lean on as she brings her trials and tribulations to the one who will heal them and offer her guidance, strength, and motivation as she presses further into His great plan.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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