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                                                                    ABBIE FERRIS

                                                              "My Kinda Cowboy" 

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In 2022, Abbie Ferris unveiled her depth-filled layers when she delivered two showcases of her incredible songwriting prowess, emotionally tilting into vulnerability on “3AM Girl” while embracing the carefree vibe of summer on “Hot Summer Nights.”

She now returns with her first new music of 2023, “My Kinda Cowboy.”

The song, co-written by Abbie, Phil Barton, Brandi Sidoryk and Katie Rox, while still retaining her insatiable pop country aura, leans heavy into a western kissed vibe through its opening guitar lick that then laces the backbeat throughout the song to not only perfectly encompass the lyrics, but to also give us another intriguing layer within the familiarity.

Cleverly describing how her better half makes her feel in the opening verse, she compares her heart’s flutter to imagery pulled from rodeo lore, stating that it’s like the feeling of flying that she gets whenever she’s riding her horse and the wind is going through her hair.

But the chorus sees her sliding away from the focus of how he makes her feel, to masterfully change the entire dynamic of the song when she lifts her “John Wayne” up in praise, defining the attributes of who he is that make him such a good man at heart level:

“You’re not afraid to admit you’re wrong

You can be kind and you can be strong

You can let it go and you can hold on

So I hold on, cause you’re my kinda cowboy”

As Abbie Ferris continues to enticingly peel back her several layers, she’s also putting on a display of veteran know how by keeping the centerpiece of each song highlighted on her signature feels of strong lyrics and the proper use of her voice to pull all the right emotions from them – something that she’s once again accomplished on her latest effort, “My Kinda Cowboy.”

You can catch Abbie on the road this year as part of The Fierce & Fearless Tour with fellow country artists, Bonnie Kellett and Courtney Keil. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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