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                                                                    LACI KAYE BOOTH

                                                             "Damn Good In A Dive Bar'" 

                                                              Independent Release





Laci Kaye Booth came off her stint on season 17 of American Idol very hot, landing a major record deal and releasing buzzed about singles “Treasure” and “Shuffle.” But in a blink of an eye - as it happens all too often in this cutthroat town - everything changed!

Having been unexplainably dropped by her record label, Booth slid into the same confused mindset that anyone in this position finds themselves in of internalizing the changes and wondering where she failed…But as the old saying goes, there’s always a silver lining!

After regrouping and repositioning herself, the Texas native is refocused, reenergized, and ready to emerge into her exciting next chapter with the release of her brand-new single “Damn Good In A Dive Bar,” a song she’s said to be “for all the girlies like me who feel their best (& hottest) in their fav dive bar.”

With a very atmospheric sound that embodies the aura of a smoke-filled bar, the melody and instrumentation give way to Booth’s pop laden, wispy country-tinged vocals as she takes us straight into her local dive bar that’s akin to Cheers as she somewhat references when she sings “I walk in, and everybody knows me.

Painting vivid pictures, she unravels specifics about the place and gives us stark visuals of Dave being in the corner doing karaoke, the walls being covered in names written in Sharpie, the bartender/waitress (Brittany) knowing the orders of all the regulars, the red lipstick on the bathroom mirror, and the overall carefree attitude and vibe.

But at the core of the song, although inspired by a passing line in conversation with an ex-boyfriend, there’s an underwritten sense that Booth also pulls from that raw, emotional state of feeling low, and the dive bar merely becomes her escape to where she can feel pretty darn good about herself again (even if only momentarily).

She retriggers her confidence as she admits that she’s lookin’ smokin’ in her plain white tank top, teases that while you can flirt with her all night long you can’t take her home at last call, and that although she normally doesn’t dance, she just might head out to the dancefloor tonight.

“Damn Good In a Dive Bar” hits a bullseye for Laci Kaye Booth as it pulls from her own experienced ups and downs, but skillfully strikes the mark with anyone who is dealing with something in their own life and needs a place to escape to where they can know everything’s going to be okay as they feel their spirited lifted and their worries slip away.

Most importantly, though, the song places Laci Kaye Booth back at the starting line for a second chance to capitalize on that initial buzz she found, which will most likely be met with her moving her status dial in 2023 from buzzed about new artist to one to watch.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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