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                                                                     JAMEY D

                                                              "This Lonely" 

                                                              CCB Nashville





As CCB Nashville wraps up the 11th month of their incredibly ambitious #newmusicfriday initiative, which has run all year long and has given us a new song from their roster of artists week in and week out, Jamey D closes the month with his newest release, “This Lonely.”

Jamey, a clear breakout sensation for the label, has given us a few different looks at what he brings to the table to give us a full scope of who he is as an artist and songwriter.

He’s placed his rugged vocal at the center of his debut single “Workin’ My Way Back Home,” unapologetically shared his beliefs about the city of Nashville losing its charm during its constant growth on “Boomtown,” and nostalgically took us on reminiscing treks with “Memory Lane” and “Night Like This.” At the core of each release, though, Jamey skillfully kept his signature feels well intact as he delivered emotionally driven vocals and a pure honesty to his incredibly well-written lyrics that pulled from the classic country storytelling ideals and smashed them into a fresh, more modern aged sound.

He intriguingly gives us a little something different than one might have expected with “This Lonely.”

Written by Jamey and George Shingleton, the traditionally inspired country heartbreaker takes us straight into the bar where we find Jamey drinking over a breakup. 

He paints the picture of how the admiration from his surroundings are working toward helping him move on with lines such as ,“These neon lights love me like they used to” and “sweet Miss Norma remembered my name.”

However, he also admits early on that he’s simply there pretending like nothing’s changed, foreshadowing the truth that arrives in the second verse as he sings of literally watching her move on from him and what they had, pretending not to see her sitting in the corner booth and blushing over roses and red wine, which her date (presumably) has bought for her.

Though this type of heartbreak story is common theme in country music, where Jamey truly excels is in his taking of the been there/done that idea and adding an interesting new perspective through his masterful way of crafting the lyrics as this song isn’t so much about not being lonely, as it is about being completely lonely and lying to yourself about it, which he shows when he ashamedly muses depressingly through the chorus:

Don’t you wish you could be this lonely

Surrounded by the noise and the crowd

If you look, you’ll see I’ve got my friends around me

Don’t you wish you could be this lonely

The natural gravel in his vocal is perfectly suited for this song as it enhances the lyrics with all the proper feeling and emotions needed to deliver the gut punch, giving Jamey D another solid release to add to his already strong, growing repertoire.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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