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Matt Rogers has had an impressive start to 2022.

“Thunderbird” gained a lot of traction as the new calendar year turned, “Hurt Like You” delivered an incredible duet with Roz that hit an emotional stride, and with his new album due out in just a few weeks (March 18, 2022), he now gives us another taste of it with its impressive title track, “Coal.”

The traditional country based instrumentation is elevated through the cry of the steel guitar as Rogers wraps his emotionally charged vocal around a lyric that sees him finding the silver lining in everything; ultimately leading to the revelation of having faith and trusting God through every circumstance.

My first truck was a rusty pile of steel” opens the song, but Rogers instantly flips the script when he follows with, “But I felt like a king when I was behind the wheel, with the windows down I thought I owned the road.”

Several ultra-personal situations follow suit, whether it be him singing about making the move to Nashville and pouring out his heart through the songs he wrote even while hearing rejection from the music industry time and time again, or him understanding that the love he is experiencing in marriage today only exists because of a road paved with broken hearts.

Boldly facing the mirror and admitting his shortcomings, Rogers hammers home the true point when he delivers an amazingly powerful verse about the love that God has for each of us:

Got a real long list of things I’m not proud of

But I’ve been saved by amazing grace

Washed in the blood

He sent his only son to save my soul

I guess he saw the diamond when the world saw coal

Already a very strong song from Matt Rogers, it becomes even stronger as he pulls us into the chorus to deliver a very timely, much needed message of encouragement that tells us to keep looking for silver linings and to hold on to hope no matter what life may be throwing at us.

The string of solid music continues with the release of “Coal,” while in terms of his career path…it easily launches Matt Rogers into his next chapter as the anticipation for his full-length album reaches an all-time high on the back of this very powerful track. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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