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                                                                    MEGAN MULLINS OWEN

                                                              "He Breaks Things" 

                                                              CCB Nashville





CCB Nashville has been doing an incredible job of introducing new music from their artists throughout the first quarter of the year with their #NewMusicFridays initiative. 

As is par for the course, the first Friday of every month belongs to Megan Mullins Owen.

She’s taken us on a trip down memory lane with the autobiographical “All-American Family Band,” delivered a western swing sound that got boot heels clicking with “This Good Is Getting Better,” and has now released “He Breaks Things,” a song which is arguably her strongest yet in 2022.

Co-written with Sarah Majors and Marla Cannon-Goodman, Mullins Owen leans into a 90’s kissed country influence that perfectly wraps around modern touched instrumentation to accompany her vocal as the melody continuously builds around the incredible lyrics.

Starting with broken lawnmowers littering the backyard, she sets the tone in the first verse as it leads to the chorus where she then shifts the lyrics to dig a little deeper as she sings of him leaving a path of damage, destruction, and scars on whatever he touches – essentially breaking things!

Having given you a slight glimpse at a change in direction that shows how deep this lyric is going to go, Mullins Owen then continues to craft heir voice around words that push you into the next deeper layer as she sings in the second verse of broken kitchen chairs, a broken television screen, and a front door that’s barely hanging on its frame – presumably because of their last knock-down, drag-out fight.

The strongest punch, though, comes when she switches up two lines during the second chorus (in comparison to the first) to add an incredible new depth to the song by singing, “Anyone or anything that winds up in his hands gets torn apart just like my heart,” but then also by her continuing to dig down into the emotions she’s experiencing as she sings of her heart being heavy from hurt and pain, before lamenting “I can’t believe I ever thought he’d keep the promise he was gonna change.”

Her unmistakable fiddle kicks in very prominently through the outro of the song to move her signature feel into place, but this is a lyrical masterpiece that’s all about her vocal prowess and using it to perfectly capture the exhausted emotion of the lyrics.

Combine this amazing know-how with an overall vibe that carries a feel that walks alongside any given song on the current country top 40, and Megan Mullins Owen has unraveled another layer to her arsenal while delivering a song that modern country radio simply can’t ignore.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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