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                                                                    MATT ROGERS

                                                                    FT. ROZ

                                                              "Hurt Like You" 

                                                               Independent Release




Between a busy touring schedule, memorable performances at Ole Red in Nashville, and recent single releases like “Thunderbird,” Georgia native Matt Rogers has been successfully carving out his niche amongst a crowded country music scene. 

He now returns to radio with his brand-new single, “Hurt Like You.”

Co-written by Rogers with Jason Duke, Blue Foley, Emma Zinck, and Adam Cunningham, the song leans on guitar work in its melody that draws you into the urgency of the lyric as Rogers teams up with Angela “Roz” Rozman of The Curves to deliver an impactful song about continually going back to the comfort zone of the one you broke up with even though you know you shouldn’t.

“Everybody’s got one, don’t they?” Rogers asks as the song opens and instantly makes the listener connect with it as they think about their own person, before the back and forth with Roz begins as she slides in with, “You’re the one I can’t say no to.”

Rogers reveals the conflict leading into the chorus on the back of the line, “you say the word and I’m coming over,” as he and Roz then perfectly blend their vastly different voices - one raspy and one clean - to hit on all the painful emotional strings that coming back together always brings out in them:

“I’m in your arms and I hate myself.”

“I wish I knew why I run back to a hurt like you.”

While also later in the song, singing the very hard truth of, “You’re the kind of lie that I want to believe.”

Rogers raw and honest vocals add the fuel of emotion needed to uphold his end of the strong lyric, while the addition of Roz to the song adds a complete feel to the dynamic so that it’s delivered from both the male and female perspectives. 

Couple both their abilities as vocalists with the writer’s strength to add just the right touches instrumentally behind the lyrics so that it enhances them, and then mix it all together with the relatability factor that this song presents to the listeners, and Matt Rogers has just taken another huge step forward into solidifying himself as an artist to watch throughout 2022.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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