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Single Review: Dustin Spears - "Tennessee and You"



                                                                    DUSTIN SPEARS

                                                              "Tennessee and You" 

                                                               Independent Release





Nashville’s a town that’s full of great musicians and artists, but one of the best things about living here is that you get to watch first-hand how these new acts continuously grow in their craft and get stronger and stronger with each song they release. 

Such is the case with Dustin Spears and his brand-new single “Tennessee and You.”

His traditional country influence has always allowed him to have a very strong lyrical game (i.e. “Slow Walk With Jesus”), while his naturally raspy voice has injected the necessary emotions to convey the honesty of each line he sings.

He continues to strongly utilize both these signature aspects on “Tennessee and You,” and thus continues to retain the values of what makes for a great country song. However, he also modernizes this single with a rock kissed feel that pulls his overall sound into the modern era.

Lyrically, this focuses on trying to get over a breakup which is a subject matter that’s prevalent country music. However, Spears cleverly adds in a nice twist to give this a unique flare in that the breakup happened because she moved to another state – in this case Illinois – and her moving has now made his home state of Tennessee, where they shared so many memories together, not feel like home anymore.

His vocal prowess helps add fuel to the flame as he sings us through his pain on lines in the opening verse such as, “I can’t go out driving and not see your car” and “I can’t believe that blonde hair, blue eye, still keeps me up late at night,” before he cries out with the cold hard truth, “Don’t know what I’m gonna do, If I can’t spend my life with you.”

He continues to unravel the pain of missing her as he sings of how he’s drowning in a bottle because she’s left his heart sinking, that if he had his choice then he’d drive to Illinois just to feel her arms around him again, etc.

I love a song that leaves the situation wide open, and Spears has masterfully done that on “Tennessee and You.” By not ever revealing the reason for the break-up, he’s given this the relatability that allows the listener to attach their own unique break-up story to the song. This factor is what will be the catalyst for Dustin Spears moving another step forward on his path as he resonates emotionally with the listener.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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