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Single Review: RT Johnson - "You Can't Go Wrong"



                                                                    RT JOHNSON

                                                              "You Can't Go Wrong" 

                                                               CCB Nashville





When RT Johnson’s “Feel Good Again” hit the MusicRow CountryBreakout Chart, it climbed with a bullet for several weeks. But perhaps even more importantly, the success of the song immediately established him as a new country artist to watch while helping his fanbase continuously grow stronger and stronger.

Any conversation with Johnson since “Feel Good Again” was released, though, would have revealed to you his excitement for the new music that he was working on and how much he was itching to get more of it out there for his fans to hear.

That time has now come with the release of his brand-new single, “You Can’t Go Wrong.”

Whereas Johnson does have several strong songs in his catalog that lean on the slower paced side, he very wisely selects songs with memorable, catchy tempo’s to be his radio releases so that you can’t help but tap your toes along as he then wraps very solid lyrics around you.

His powerful vocal pulls you into an ultra-positive lyric that focuses on the small things you do every day in life, which are actually big things that matter most. 

He uses the verses to sing us through lists of where/when you can’t go wrong, such as:

“Getting up early and getting a jump on a day.”

“With a Saturday Zebco fishing pole in your hand.”

“Sunday go to meeting, talking to the man, chicken fried chicken and a pile of corned beef hash.”

“Learning guitar to a Willie song.”

“Anything you can do to make a baby laugh.”

However, it’s in the chorus that he gives you affirmation to cut yourself a little slack and celebrate all that you’re doing right as he encourages when he sings the very truthful, “you can’t change what you can’t change,” before reverting back to where/when you can’t go wrong by singing, “just tell the ones that you love, you love.”

Couple this catchy melody and strong positive lyric with an excellent switch in the rhythmic feel going into the last chorus, and you have a song from one of country music’s hottest up and coming artists that is not only perfectly built for audience participation during his live performances, but another that should make huge strides at radio while attracting more new fans to his already growing following.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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