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Single Review: Sabin Sharpe - "Must Be The Whiskey Talkin'"



                                                                     SABIN SHARPE

                                                               "Must Be The Whiskey Talkin'" 

                                                               Independent Release





There aren’t really any set formulas to follow when it comes to breaking through as a new artist. However, if you can introduce yourself and your signature sound through your debut release, and then with each release thereafter continue to build on that sound, you’ll start attracting buzzworthy attention as you carve out your own unique road on the country music path.

This is exactly what Sabin Sharpe has done.

We first heard from him on his 2017 self-titled EP, and more recently on “The Story of You and Me,” his 2018 single that perfectly brought together influences of modern country with pop and rock kissed elements to give Sharpe a blended style that is perfectly suited for the current country Top 40.

He now returns with “Must Be The Whiskey Talkin,” and he continues to fine tune and perfect the sound that we got from him in 2018 while taking bringing to the next exciting level, showing his tremendous growth as an artist as he opens this next chapter.

The catchy mid-tempo leans on softer instrumentation with the occasional guitar lick dropped behind it throughout the verses, which allows Sabin to put his crisp, though raspy, vocals in the spotlight as he sets the entire lyrical story in motion, singing of getting another drunk call/text from his ex-girlfriend confessing that her current buzzed emotions have got her thinking about them again.

This isn’t the first time that this situation has happened between the two, but that same old worn-out story isn’t going to work on Sabin this time as he reveals clear as day how he feels about it when he punches into the chorus and sings:

“She better keep on walking

Right out of my life like she did before

Cause I ain’t gonna open up that closed door

And let her back in.”

Sabin Sharpe gives us a strong lyric that is ultra-relatable and strikes with all the right hot button lines to hit us in the emotional feels, especially in the second verse when he sings on wanting to believe it’s real but knowing it isn’t.

Couple this relatability factor with an artist who has absolutely taken tremendous strides with his music between releases, and Sabin Sharpe has just set himself up to become an artist to watch in 2022.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)