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Single Review: Walker Hayes - "AA"



                                                                     WALKER HAYES


                                                               Monument Records





When you have a song like “Fancy Like” that blows up way bigger than expected and crosses over all genre lines making everyone a fan regardless of what style of music they prefer, figuring out the best way to follow it up becomes a real challenge.

Walker Hayes has since given his fans the infectious “U Gurl,” but he’s now ready to officially return to radio with his next proper single, “AA,” the first song released since making the announcement of his forthcoming Country Stuff The Album (releasing 1/21/22)

The song, co-written by Hayes, Shane McAnally and Luke Laird,” uses the familiar hip and cool lingo that has become synonymous with Hayes’ lyrics, while wrapping around a melody that certainly leans more into the modern country edge of his arsenal by being full of catchiness to draw you in and make you sway along with it.

Hayes himself has called the song a “dad-anthem,” as the lyric focuses on just trying to do the best you can with the grind of everyday life as he displays by singing us through the catchy opening verse with lines such as “Just tryin’ to do the dang thing,” while re-iterating that same notion in the second verse when he sings, “tryna get paid and a little love made y'all.”

But what will grab the listeners attention most is when the song rolls into the chorus and Hayes uses hilarious, though very truthful lines, to list the several reasons why one does the daily grind just to make ends meet when he sings:

“And I'm just tryna keep my daughters off the pole

And my sons out of jail

Tryna get to church so I don't go to hell

I'm just tryna keep my wife from figuring out

That I married up and she married way way down

In Alabama where they love Nick Saban

Tryna write a song the local country station will play

Hey…I'm just tryna stay out of AA.”

Having personally seen Hayes perform this song live only a few weeks prior to its official radio release, I can attest that the infectious chorus not only grabs your attention and makes you laugh, but it will also have you quickly singing along with it by the end of your first listen as happened between Hayes and the crowd at the show. That factor alone tells me that “AA” has the ability to be able to overcome the nearly impossible obstacle faced with the mega-smash “Fancy Like.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis - Album Photo by: Robert Chavers)