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Single Review: Abby Anderson - "Insecure"



                                                                     ABBY ANDERSON







Abby Anderson has been raking in the accolades since first emerging onto the scene in 2018 with her debut EP I’m Good. She’s been named by Pandora as a “Country Artist to Watch,” she was part of CMT’s Next Women of Country in 2018, a class of 2019 artist with The Bobby Bones Show, and the list goes on and on.

However, while all of those are incredible achievements, it can also cause different confidence shaking emotions to come boiling up to the surface for many artists who begin to feel, for lack of better terms, insecure.

Stepping away from her label deal in the past year has allowed Abby Anderson to refocus and reenergize her entire life - personal and music career wise – and she is now set to move forward, stronger than ever, into her next chapter with her most transparent single to date, “Insecure.”

The song, co-written by Anderson with Marshall and Dylan Altman, gives us a fun, up-tempo, pop infused backbeat that contains just enough splashes of uniqueness that aren’t of the common thread to make this song instantly stand out from the current crop of country music, while still containing enough of the sonic elements to fit in alongside of it as well.

But the heart of this song is in its lyrics. There are a lot of moving on songs in country music, but just like with its melody and instrumentation, “Insecure” offers enough splashes of different so as to stand out.

Most songs of this nature tend to take one of two roads; I’m so happy you’re gone and I’m better off without you, or I am feeling stuck and numb and can’t go on without you. Anderson, though, opts for a more truthful route of I’m doing good, I’m feeling confident, I’m overcoming my insecurities, and I’m discovering who I am without you and who I’m meant to be, but she also admits that there are still things that remind her of their past together even though she is doing well: his picture in her pocket that his momma gave her, their special song even though it doesn’t feel the same way as it used to feel when she hears it now, etc.

Those lines of pure, transparent honesty that signal there are still tough moments, is what really makes this song for me.

Anderson boldly exudes positivity and confidence in her vocals throughout the song as she sings of going out for the night, not being the insecure person that she was before, and even possibly meeting someone new, but it’s when she drops in those timely lines that tell of the complete emotion that will make this song connect with the listeners who are experiencing a similar feeling.

Anderson assumes the role of trusted friend that totally understands what you’re going through and how it’s making you feel, but also lets you know that it’s perfectly okay and healthy to be moving forward and discovering who you are, while also reminding you that it’s just as okay to have fleeting moments that force you to hit the pause button and breathe it out.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)