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Single Review: Chris Bandi - "Probably At A Bar"



                                                                     CHRIS BANDI

                                                               "Probably At A Bar" 

                                                               Records Nashville





When his song “Would Have Loved Her” was released in 2020, Chris Bandi’s touching tribute to his late grandfather struck a chord at country radio and with all the media outlets, instantly solidifying his “Artist to Watch” status and making his next release one of the most highly anticipated.

That next release has just arrived with “Probably At A Bar.”

The song, co-written by Bandi, Jason Duke and Jason Massey, leans it’s midtempo paced backbeat into a modern pop country blend that’s perfectly built for radio while wrapping around a perfect lyric to sing along with as you’re happily moving on from an ex.

The irresistible catchiness of the melody quickly gets your bopping along as soon as the first guitar lick breaks through the intro and pulls you into the opening verse as Bandi sings directly to his ex and puts to rest any of the rumors that she might be thinking:

“If you think you saw my truck rolling by your house, you didn't

If you think that midnight "miss you" call's gonna come, it isn't

If you think I'm heart broke all along, living under some rock

I hate to say it but I'm not.”

He further sings in the second verse, even more directly at her feelings, the lines such as, “If there was a time to chat and work things out you missed it” and “if you got a thing or two to get off your chest, well I get it.”

However, each of the verses are designed (both musically and lyrically) to pull you to the chorus where Bandi then punches home the kiss-off anthem by telling her exactly what it is he’s doing when he sings of probably being at a bar, drinking and hanging out with his long-lost friends that she never liked, and making up for wasted time.

These types of songs have always been a part of country music, but they are also perfect songs for connecting with the listeners as many of them are in this very spot in life where they are in the process of moving on from an ex. Couple that connection factor with Chris Bandi’s already buzzworthy status and a sound that is built to compete for a Top 40 spot at modern country radio, and you have a song that will easily continue to make Chris Bandi a household name amongst the country music faithful.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)