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Single Review: Eli Young Band - "Lucky For Me"



                                                                     ELI YOUNG BAND

                                                               "Lucky For Me" 

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It’s hard to believe that the Eli Young Band have been giving us great songs for two decades now; From early fan favorites such as “Small Town Kid” and “So Close Now,” to an impressive list of #1 charting singles that includes “Crazy Girl,” “Even If It Breaks Your Heart,” “Drunk Last Night,” and “Love Ain’t.”

With the past year throwing a crazy monkey wrench into everything, it gave the group time to sit back, reflect, refocus, and write, write, and write!

They’re now ready to open their next chapter with “Lucky For Me,” a brand-new song co-written by Mike Eli, Laura Veltz, and Jimmy Robbins that is full of hope while keeping the focus on how finding the right person to stand alongside you is all you need to get through the inevitable storms that life will always present.

Leaning on a feel good, toe-tapping melody, the song’s cold opening sees Mike Eli instantly delivering chorus which describes the character traits that he was needing in a woman: softhearted, hardheaded, outspoken, high-hoping, straight-shooting, sweet-talking, hell-raising, strong, kind, etc. before eventually landing at the praise-worthy hook, “only one in the world, way too good to be true…lucky for me, it’s you.”

With the chorus having already set the song in motion, the opening verse is then used to further state how perfect she is through a series of things that he himself would have never been able to accomplish when picturing his perfect companion before they ever met: 

“Never coulda dreamed you up.”

“Never coulda wrote you down.”

“If you woulda asked me then, I woulda had it all wrong.”

In the second verse, Eli then allows us to travel back to the night that they met and tells how lucky he was to be there that night - presumably at a bar or a club - and he further praises her, when he sings lines such as “you were so much more” and “I didn’t know there was nothing out there like this.”

This is fun, catchy song with a melody that will instantly make you perk up and listen to it, while providing all the ingredients that make the song stick with you long after hearing it. These factors make it the perfect way to open the next chapter for the Eli Young Band, while also reestablishing them at radio with a fresh spin on their familiar signature style.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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