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Single Review: James Barker Band ft. Dierks Bentley - "New Old Trucks"



                                                                      JAMES BARKER BAND

                                                                      ft. DIERKS BENTLEY

                                                               "New Old Trucks" 

                                                               Villa 40/Sony Music Nashville




There are many cliches and stereotypes that surround the country music genre from the outside looking in, and perhaps there is no greater stigma than a country boy’s love for his truck.

Trucks have always been a huge part of the country music map, finding their way into countless songs over the years.  But “New Old Trucks” by James Barker Band featuring Dierks Bentley, tells the story of the bond between a good truck and its driver.

The song was written by Barker along with Jordan Minton, Hunter Phelps, and Casey Brown, touching all of the feels and emotions the singer has felt over the years and the truck serves as a confidant, a friend who has endured those trials and triumphs.

“Daddy had it for the first hundred K

I drove the rest, wouldn’t sell or trade

That many miles of memories for a million bucks

‘Cause they ain’t making new old trucks”

Not since Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” have we seen such an emotional track with the vehicle at the heart of the matter…though this song is more directly related and less about a metaphor of losing a loved one.

The James Barker Band is red hot at the moment in the US as well as their native Canada, churning out hits almost effortlessly.  Their most recent triumph, “Over All Over Again”, became their third chart topping single in Canada.  Now based in Nashville, they are gearing up for a busy 2022.  Keep up to date with the latest releases and tour dates at their official website –

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)