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Single Review: Landon Parker - "Up For Anything"



                                                                  LANDON PARKER

                                                             "Up For Anything" 

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Over the first 6 months of 2022, Landon Parker has perfectly positioned himself to be the next big thing to watch in country music.

By simultaneously releasing “Caught Me at a Good Time” and “Good Beer Drinkin’” earlier this year, he was then able to ride the buzz those songs created into spotlighting performances opening for Russell Dickerson and Jimmie Allen, while securing major festival dates at CMA Fest, Milwaukee’s Summerfest, and the first-ever Tidalwave Music Festival in Atlantic City.

Parker now returns with his brand-new single, “Up for Anything. 

Co-written by Landon and Cody Gregg, the song leans into a modern kissed backbeat that shows a versatility within the signatures he’s already given to us on his previous songs, while being smart enough to not lose sight of them as he progressively advances his entire feel forward.

The lyrical premise of meeting someone who sweeps you off your feet so much that you’re willing to do anything - even if it’s out of your normal comfort zone - just to get an extra minute with them, isn’t really anything too new to country music, but it’s an ultra-relatable subject that instantly connects with the listeners, and when it’s done right (as it is here) it will offer a fresh take on a classic idea.

Talking in positive disbelief of who’s he become since meeting her, Parker sings through the verses of never thinking he’d be the guy to watch the sunset, pass out on the couch at 2PM on a Sunday afternoon, or lay under the covers just listening to the rain falling.

The mellower mid-tempo vibe throughout the verses works very well to enhance the chorus when it punches in and kicks up the tempo, capturing the anxious excitement of fresh, new love while giving a live audience a catchy spot to shout along the lyrics with Parker as he laments on who he was versus who he is now and how much he’s liking the carefree attitude he’s developing because of having her by his side:

Usually I’m stuck in my ways, my ways

Thought I’d stay the same ol’ same, ol’ same

Because of you it’s feeling like a brand-new day

Girl, I’m up for anything, anything

I’m up for anything

There’s no real blueprint for a new act to follow for “making it” in country music. However, if you want to start taking notes on what to do right, then grab your pad and pen and start jotting down the path that Landon Parker is carving out. He’s clearly found his own unique niche amongst today’s market, knows how to hit on all the familiar emotions to attract many in the listening fan base to his songs, and is not only stepping forward with each next thing he does, but is making huge strides ahead and has already arrived at the door as artist to watch!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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