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                                                                      JACKSON MICHELSON

                                                              "Tip Jar" 

                                                               Curb Records





With his past few singles “One Day” and “Stay Over,” Curb Records recording artist Jackson Michelson has showcased his versatility by doing a balancing act between a more straight-forward country song and one that fuses in a pop backbeat to do the heavy lifting.

That same versatility continues to impress on his latest single, “Tip Jar,” as he continues to showcase the many different aspects that he and his music bring to the country music table.

The song (co-written with Patrick Mencel and Justin Morgan) borrows its vibe from a 1970’s adult contemporary pop feel, which Michelson laces together with a very smooth and catchy modern country feel that pushes into a melody that makes this a perfect drinking song…which absolutely suits the lyrics as he sings of ditching staying at home and listening to records, to instead going out to the bar to hear some live music in the aftermath of a breakup.

Whereas most country songs namecheck their fellow country music contemporaries, Michaelson throws a $20 in the tip jar to get the band to play songs by the likes of Tom Petty and Bon Jovi to help him fix his broken heart.

While Jackson Michelson has given us glimpses into every different side of who he is as an artist, the signatures that make him one to watch are never abandoned regardless of the feel of the song: strong lyrics, great vocals, and a catchy melody that pulls you in and demands that you listen.

“Tip Jar” continues to unravel another layer of his arsenal, but this one could quite possibly be the breakout hit Michelson has been knocking on the door of having.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)





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