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  AVERY ANNA - Breakup Over Breakfast- Warner Music Nashville

When the Gold-certified “Narcissist” broke her through in 2021, Avery Anna put herself on the map as country music’s resident “sad girl” as she continuously connected with her peers in the young adult demographic, tallying tremendous streaming numbers on “Critic,” “What Made You Think?” and the empowerment anthem, “Self Love.”

As she flexed her next chapter throughout the first half of this year, “Make It Look Easy” injected an essence of angsty alternative rock into her signature flare, instantly captivating with a touch of something unexpectedly different while she still carefully walked the line of her more familiar softness on “Two Sides Of The Story” and “Blonde.”

Now with the announcement of her debut album, Breakup Over Breakfast (due out July 19, 2024), she celebrates with another tease of the 17-track project.

It’s title track, co-written by Avery with frequent collaborators David Fanning, Andy Sheridan, and Ben Williams, hot opens with the chorus as she floats her angelically toned vocal over its daydreamed aura alongside a simple guitar pluck which carries an ominous vibe to it, signaling in its melodic build that the underlying mood is about to shift at any moment.

Daydreaming that an impending break-up would be easier over the breakfast table, washed in the calmness of the morning light, a shoulder shrugged “yeah right” at the tail end of the chorus hits the reality strike to change the songs entire dynamic:

“We'll break up over breakfast

It's cool, calm and collected

We'll talk until the ice in both our water glasses melted

We'll say, "It's for the better"

And "I'll love you forever"

You'll walk me to the car and say goodbye

Yeah, right”

Surrounded then by crunching guitars that hold an anxiety ridden drive, Avery maneuvers her voice through the break-up truth of how it’s really going to go, he’ll show up at her place in the middle of the night, they’ll fight in the kitchen while breaking dishes, and he’ll make her cry, providing weightiness to the juxtaposition between verse and chorus that tells of how she’s never gotten what she wanted out of the toxic relationship anyways, so why should she start getting what she wants to now that it’s ending.

Love is tough enough but the journey to finding something real can be downright treacherous; a gut wrenching truth that Avery Anna explores on this heartbroken anthem as she intriguingly reinjects the angstiest we felt on “Make It Look Easy,” upping the anticipation for the album as she continues peeling back new layers of her craft and an unapologetic willingness to move into new territories within the signature feels that have defined her up to now.  

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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