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  MEGAN MORONEY - Man On The Moon - Columbia Records Nashville

While “Tennessee Orange” certainly put Megan Moroney on the map in a very HUGE way, she has continually risen higher and higher with each next song (and album) to boldly solidify herself as one of country music’s most endearing artists, clearly holding a firm grasp on knowing exactly who she is while reaching through the speakers to connect with the listening audience.

With her sophomore album due in July, Am I Okay?, the emo cowgirl has expertly teased this next chapter of music with the radio strike of “No Caller ID,” the heart tugged “28th of June,” and the intriguingly dynamic, rock edged crunch of “Indifferent.”

She now gifts her fans with one final preview of the album, “Man On The Moon.”

With its catchy melody and 90’s country aura, the girl powered anthem lends itself to Moroney’s natural vocal rasp as she turns up an undeniable sass while musing the ways to get rid of her ex who just doesn’t seem to want to stay gone.

Foreshadowing the tone of the lyrics very cleverly on the opening line, “Houston, he’s a problem,” she map dots her undying need to get the headache that won’t leave her alone to go somewhere further away than just the next town over; somewhere more like a hundred thousand miles away…OUTER SPACE!

Over a slyness that wraps around her eureka idea, she leads a clap along moment through the hip-popping rhythm of the chorus as she runs the gamut of her emotional strains to masterfully match tone with lyric, moving her voice through exhaustion, frustration, anger, and the overwhelmingness of just absolutely being done and completely over it:

“Cause he wants me, then he needs space

Someone take this cowboy away

Somewhere far, let him fly

Outta this world and off my mind

C’mon there’s gotta be a rocket somewhere taking off soon

I think it’s time we put another man on the moon”

She memorably writes a list of ways to get him to sign up for his trip to the moon throughout the second verse, and more importantly to get him away from her, including convincing him that there’s a bar up there, a bunch of blondes waiting for him, etc.

Having already been playing the song out on the road and teasing it for the past few months across her social platforms, it’s easy to gauge the healthy response that it’s already receiving from her fans. And as her album release is drawing nearer and nearer, “Man On The Moon” then becomes a perfect last stamp to further hype the buzz and create an even higher anticipation for things still to come next month.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis/Cover Photo by: CeCe Dawson)



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