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  ADAM DOLEAC - You Go I Go - Mom & Daddy's Money

As his latest single “Ain’t She” continues to land impact at country radio, Adam Doleac struck heightened anticipation when he recently announced that his new EP, about: TIME, would be releasing on June 28, 2024.

Now offering a tease of the new music with what has already become an immediate fan favorite as evident that they picked it as his next single, “You Go I Go” opens a deafening buzz on this next chapter.

The song, written by Doleac, Trannie Anderson, and Paul DiGiovanni, floats a sunshiny, mid-tempo rhythm atop a sway along groove that borrows elements of pop sensibilities, beachy country, and 2000’s era rock that perfectly blend to allow room for the smoothness of his clean vocal to hold the carefreeness of the lyric.

Gripping the reality that life is a game of nothing more than always second guessing, he shifts focus at the tail end of the opening verse to then highlight the one game that he absolutely knows how to navigate whenever she smiles at him in her playfully flirtatious way, embedding the pure bop essence of the chorus and painting their night in together scene:

“You go slip in my sweatshirt

I go pop us a bottle of red

And we go missin’ for the whole weekend

You go I go

You go kissin’ me sideways

I go head over heels down the hall

And we go fallin’ into that king bed

You go I go

Crashing like a couple dominos

Baby, you go I go”

The second verse sees Doleac continuing to ascend his confidence in notching a win on the game she wants to play, admitting that he knows this song and dance like the back of his hand while winking toward the fact that they wrote the book on this game.

Whether it’s through a heartfelt softer paced song such as “Biggest Fan,” or an irresistible, up-tempo such as the already mentioned “Ain’t She,”  Adam Doleac’s love letters to his wife stand out atop his catalog as they encompass a raw honesty while providing a glimpse of his heartbeat, his everything, and his falling more in love with her with each passing moment.

“You Go I Go” offers another invitation into the most important aspect of his life, opening just a peek into their personal diary but still strongly connecting who he is at his core with a fanbase that wants to know him more and more.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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