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  PRYOR BAIRD - Beauty In The Broken - Black River Entertainment

With each dynamic that Pryor Baird has revealed through his first three singles, “You Are To Me,” “Chasin’ Shadows,” and “Mighta Met A Girl,” he’s been very intentional about placing his soulful voice to the forefront while balancing it within different emotions so that his incredible range has quickly become a defining characteristic.

With his newest release, “Beauty In The Broken,” while his gifted vocal certainly stands strongly in the spotlight, the deeply powerful lyrics deliver a much-needed encouragement into the toughest moments of life.

On the importance of the song, Baird says:

“For me, 'Beauty In The Broken' is a powerful song. I think it's relatable to everyone because we've all been broken at one point or another in life, but there's a beauty in the darkness. If you're broken, or know somebody that is, this song is for you."

The song, co-written by Pryor, Jared Hampton, and Tate Howell, although written before his father’s passing this past December, now carries an entirely different weight as it becomes a poignant turn at facing the mirror in his own darkest moment and speaking as much to himself as he is to the heart of the hurting world.

Surrounded by the softness of piano as the prominent instrumentation, Baird grips the raw edges of his naturally built rasp around each line of the verses as he gives you a caring shoulder to lean on, accentuating his clear understanding of the fear and anxiety that’s holding you as he strikes the chorus:

“You’re gonna drink too much and stay up late

Meet someone when your heart breaks

You’re gonna drive too fast and get pulled over

Need someone, cry on their shoulders

You’re gonna make mistakes, fall apart

Lose your way when you’re in the dark

Just don’t lost faith keep moving down the road

Don’t be afraid to leave your heart wide open

There's beauty in the broken”

In so many real-life instances we hide our hurts and pain and allow fear, shame, and guilt to negatively consume us, and while he provides plenty of encouraging lines throughout the song, it’s the very delicate way that he gives you permission to not be okay that brings it to an entirely different level.

When it comes to music and advancing one’s career, a song like this showcases boldness, honesty, and outlines the vulnerability that an artist is willing to display. However, a strong career is one thing but making an impact on the world is another. “Beauty In The Broken” will definitely set Pryor Baird’s career in fast motion, but the positive inner change that it will inspire for a hurting world is immeasurable.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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