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  DALTON DOVER - Bury Me In This Bar - UMG Nashville/Mercury Records

Dalton Dover has continued to refine his signature feel since hitting the mainstream airwaves with “Giving Up On That,” leaning his big voice into a sound that brushes his 90’s country influences while retaining a modern era style that gives him a balanced throwback aura.

Following last year’s, rip-roaring “Night To Go,” he now delivers his first original single of the new year, “Bury Me In This Bar.”

Written by Dover, Dan Isbell, Jamie Davis, and Benjy Davis, the guitar shreds through the hip shaking intro fuse into a rhythmic accompaniment behind Dover’s voice as he transports us to his favorite watering hole on the back of a melody that’s clearly built for a honky-tonk as your boot heels can’t help but click along in perfect timing.

Laying down the cold hard truth in the opening verse that no one’s getting out of here alive, Dover provides the perfect set up to the chorus as pulls from the spirit of Joe Diffie’s "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)” to slap home his wishes for a final resting place:

“Oh, bury me in this bar

Where the women and the whiskey ain't too far

Yeah, my soul is meant to beat on

Underneath that neon

Smiling to the sound of a steel guitar

I'll rest in peace where all my people are

Bury me in this bar”

Bar-soaked references throughout the second half of the song, “If anybody starts to miss me, just pour that shot of whiskey, Let 'em know I never made it out that door” and “When the good Lord calls last call, I won't mind at all,” take a subject that’s often tough to talk about and turns it into a cheerful anthem that raises up a rousing cheer to the good friends who’ve left us behind, but haven’t gone far from our hearts.

With his headlining ‘Never Giving Up On That Tour’ kicking off in Houston, TX on April 5, 2024, you can bet that the crowd will come alive in the spirit of 1993 as Solo cups litter the air when he strikes into this irresistibly charming melody to create a nostalgic dripped atmosphere laced in good time memories.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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