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JORDAN DAVIS - Good News Sold - MCA Nashville

As multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Jordan Davis readies his next official radio release and is about to kick off the North American leg of his DAMN GOOD TIME arena tour, he delivers the very poignant and very necessary, “Good News Sold.”

Written by Jacob Davis, Cole Taylor, and Jordan Rowe, this first tease of highly anticipated new music leans into a soft, engaging tempo that allows the honest tilts of his voice to deliver an encouraging look at all the positives of life, empathetically reminding us that there’s still a lot of good happening every day.

“And turnin' the TV on and checkin' your phone wouldn't ever get old…if good news sold,” sings Davis on the hook, offering connective truth to those of us who are constantly distracted by the negativity of our social media feeds and television news reports, making it that much stronger as he subtly entices us to change our outlook by simply looking away from our screens and shifting focus to the good that’s always swirling.

Intriguingly escalating the impact level of each good news moment from verse to verse to then strike the life altering crescendo of the bridge, he guides through a smile inducing list of everyday scenarios that absolutely bears resemblance to any of our own life situations:

“You see a little boy huggin' on a black lab ‘cause after two weeks it came back home” 

“A couple seein' two pink lines for the first time after tryin' for a while”

“Seein' an umpire stop the game 'cause a soldier came home and his son didn't know; And he came runnin' in from second base, tears runnin' down his face”

“Hearing 'bout somebody comin' out of a river, hands up 'cause they just found Jesus”

However, while it would certainly be a very solid effort if the song had ended by just stating those necessary reminders, it’s a thought-provoking line in the chorus that elevates it to a must-listen status as he highlights the lasting effects that positivity can have toward delivering a peaceful calmness to our overall being; “and we’d all seep a little bit better at night.”

The modern age has made it increasingly difficult to tell your truth, but “Good News Sold” walks the line of a commonly felt emotion in such a way that it waxes nostalgic on how things used to be while challenging that it’s still that way when we slow down enough to look around. At the center of it all, though, is a hope inspired song that radiates your speakers with an encouragement to disconnect so as to reconnect with what matters most.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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