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PARKER GRAYE - Lyin' To Me - Independent Release

Parker Graye continues to make a name for herself in the independent music scene with her newest single, serving as the latest installment in an ever-growing musical catalogue that showcases her undeniable talent as a singer, songwriter, and collaborator.

As the songstress shared herself, accompanying her new EP is the new single, “Lyin’ To Me,” which is available now digitally and on all streaming platforms.

“This project has been a labor of love and heartbreak and I’m so excited to close this chapter by bringing back some of my favorite releases from the last few years and sharing a special single as the title track that was written and recorded in the midst of it all.”

Written by Graye along with Cole Miracle, Fran Litterski and Suzie Buist, the song is as personal to the songwriter as it will be those whom the lyrics will resonate upon the first listen.  Shortly after a heartbreaking conversation in September 2022, the construction of the tune immediately ensued.

“The vocal you hear on the track is the original vocal from the day the song was written,” Parker shared.  “If you’ve ever gaslit yourself into believing the person you’re falling for feels the same, this is for you.”

A piano-driven interlude imperceptibly showcases Parker’s impeccably beautiful vocals.  The poetic lyrics shutter of vulnerability and heartbreak, and are delivered with a virtuoso of control and range.  This is a stripped-down, raw tale of grief and realization, told immaculately eloquently smooth and clear vocal pronunciation. 

“Someone’s been breaking my heart

Someone’s made me fall way too hard

Someone’s telling me all of the things that I want to believe

Oh, you were being honest

I was the one who was lying to me”

Parker has, at times, made light of her past relationships in interviews and discussions, but the truth is, she wears her heart on her sleeve when songwriting, and the end result is candidly impressive.  Her gifts as a songwriter coupled with her emotional honesty set the stage for some of the more genuinely expressive interpretation not just on the independent scene, but in country music altogether.

The ability to use one’s own thoughts and emotions and convey them in a matter that can apply to anyone else’s while still staying true to yourself is not an easy thing to do.  But as we have seen in the past and continue to see with this new single, Graye is well on her way to mastering this craft.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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