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With over forty career singles landing on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, which includes #1 songs "Sticks and Stones", "Alibis", "Can't Break It to My Heart", "My Second Home", "If the Good Die Young", "Texas Tornado", "Time Marches On", and "Find Out Who Your Friends Are,” country music legend Tracy Lawrence is absolutely one of the genre’s most decorated artists of the past three decades.

Recently celebrating his illustrious career with the three-volume series, Hindsight 2020 Vol 1, 2, & 3, Lawrence now moves his vision onto his next chapter, giving us our first look at his forthcoming EP through the release of its title track “Out Here In It.”

The song, written by Trey Lewis, Lee Thomas Miller, and Chris Utley, presents refreshing familiarity by not straying far from the classic sound that has defined him, but rather by embracing it and utilizing the softness of the melody to place spotlight focus on his distinguishable vocal and incredible ability to tilt his voice in subtle ways so that it holds you tightly within each lyrical phrasing as they strike their intended mark.

Some skies rain, some skies shine,” he poetically sings on the opening lines as he relatedly highlights life’s inevitable twists and turns, before then facing the proverbial mirror throughout each of the verses in self-examination of his unwavering boldness to stand strong at whatever life throws his way, lamenting how “trouble’s always been a friend of mine” while gripping the truth that none of us gets out of here alive.

Lawrence owns the exact definitions of his life up to this point through the maturity of the lyrics in the chorus, intriguingly enhancing how he’s always lived life to the fullest down the middle of the line between living hard and growing up:

“Good or bad when the jury’s in

I hope they know I did it

When rumor is I said it

You can bet probly meant it

I’ve been drunk and I’ve been sober

Hit the under and the over

Been caught between the praying and the sinning

I may be losing, may be winning

Life’s for the living

So I’m out here in it”

With an appreciation of living life unapologetically accenting the highlight reel of the good, the bad, and all the in-between, Tracy Lawrence opens his next chapter with a thought-provoking song that engages the listener and instigates an immediate heart rate bump as you begin to examine your own life, reaching an understanding of how the foundational steppingstones of your past navigate the path into your next.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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