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ERIN KINSEY - Matchmaker - RECORDS Nashville

With a strong 2023 that included the release of her Bet My Heart album and its hotly received singles “Stayed A Summer” and “Boys In Boots,” Erin Kinsey continued to make major impact with her flawless blending of pop sensibilities and country girl next door charm, showcasing her tremendous growth as a songwriter within a complete know-how of crafting solid connections with the listener.

Currently on tour with Restless Road, the country starlet has been attracting more of these solid connection’s every time she plays her newest single, “Matchmaker.”  

Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day as an intriguing swerve on the traditional, lovey dovey normalcy this time of year, “Matchmaker” presents a sassy embedded slyness to a true to life story of how after he and Erin split, her ex-boyfriend hooked up with his now fiancé…her ex-best friend!

Through a grittiness in the drip of the melody, she provides a very clever setup to the story by first capturing her initially heartbroken emotions through a whispered tone, confessing that she that didn’t sleep the night they broke-up while lamenting on how she felt bad for weeks, worrying about the small-town rumors that would inevitably begin to rumble about him and her.

The grapevine, however, eventually made its way back to Erin where she found out that he’s now hooked up with her best friend. With a metaphoric roll of her eyes, she fully embraces what she’s been hearing about herself, and with a shrug of her shoulders she slaps into the chorus with the truth of how she’s now just going down as: 

“Matchmaker, call me cupid


I thought I’d be a heartbreaker

But I set my ex and best friend up

When I broke his heart he fell in her arms

And I’m finding out just a year later

She’s got a ring, a date in the spring

And everybody’s calling me matchmaker”

She vividly connects the dots in the second verse of how the two exes of her life only came together because of her introducing them to one another, leaning then into a cheeky, wait-a-minute tonality of her wanting them to give credit where credit is due whenever they tell the love story of how they met.

And if Kinsey had just left the song right there it would’ve already been a uber memorable addition to her catalog, but by expertly inviting the listener to choose her as their next matchmaker, she adds the endearingly strong connection that’s made this song the fastest pre-save in her career, setting the path in motion for this to be her biggest release yet.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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