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TUCKER WETMORE - Wine Into Whiskey - Independent Release

For a new artist to break into the competitive country music scene, it takes a finely tuned arsenal of sonic sound to draw in the listener through a familiarity that then skillfully holds them within the unique turns that make you stand out from the pack.

With over 500K social media followers, a touring slot with Kameron Marlowe this spring, and millions of views already notched on the marketing reels for his debut single “Wine Into Whiskey,” Tucker Wetmore is poised to make a bold statement out the gate.

The song, co-written by Tucker, Justin Ebach, and Jacob Hackworth, leans heavily into the current flow of country music’s latest chapter with a series of loops and beats lacing the melody to form a fresh take into an overall style that sees a pop infusion meeting modern era vibes.

Though there’s plenty of familiar feels within the rhythmic melody, Wetmore injects a fully unique perspective into the heartbroken lyrics.

Twisting the emotional perspective of the relationship ending, from that of his own to seeing it through her eyes, Tucker craftily explores her path of seducing her heartbreak by pouring herself something stronger, drifting away from her normal sauvignon blanc to a much stronger shot of Jack to help numb the pain that much quicker.

However, in juxtaposition of perspective, he intriguingly glides between hers and his throughout the remainder of the song, examining the ways that he broke her heart while she was just trying to save him from himself, lamenting that “I just ain’t the type of soul you save,” “I’m the same old me that I’ve been all along,” etc. facing the mirror of regret into the chorus through the downward spiral confession of the heartbreak he inflicted:  

“I took a good thing and I turned it into goodbye

Took the fire in her eyes put it on ice

Turned that angels world upside down

Dipped her wings in Tennessee brown

I turned her callin me into callin me a mistake

Turned heart of gold into a heartbreak

If I was her I’d damn sure hate me

I turned her love into pain and her wine into whiskey”

“Wine Into Whiskey” weaves a tale that’s akin to the idea of seeing your life from another’s perspective while coming to terms with what you need to change about yourself to be better, perfectly blending gut punch lyrics and heart wrenching emotion that pulls together the foundational aspects of country songwriting, but unapologetically smashes it into ultra-modern sounds that will help fuel his path as he opens up this first chapter.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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