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  ROBYN OTTOLINI - I Kissed Your Boyfriend- Empire Nashville

Since breaking onto the country music scene with the platinum certified single, “F-150,” CCMA Award-winning songwriter/artist Robyn Ottolini has endearingly tip-toed balance between fun, up-tempo fan favorites such as “All My Friends Are Hot” and “Busy,” while showcasing an extremely high vulnerability that’s opened her diary to the world with songs such as “Five Years,” “Sick of Sex,” and “Sad To Work.”

She now continues to turn those diary pages with her latest release “I Kissed Your Boyfriend.”

The song, written by Emily Reid and Jacob Durrett, not only continues to provide preview of her forthcoming EP, Growing Up To Do, but it’s also the first outside cut that Ottolini has recorded which allows her ample amount of room to pour unbridled emotion into her powerful vocal prowess as she grips the lyrics and raises their believability through dynamically placed tones.

The simple moodiness of prominent keyboard lacing the intro presents an intriguing lead in as it quickly shifts into an ultra vibey melody, gripping the listener with a pop country sway as her vocal floats along the tempo pacing of the opening verse.

Pulling noticeable sorrow into her voice, Ottolini begins sharing an open letter to the girl who’s getting cheated on because of her, explaining that she didn’t know the guy was taken and that he had no ring on his finger, twisting then through ashamed emotions when she reveals that she got the chills when she saw her picture (presumably in his wallet) and realized what she had just allowed to happen.

If he ain’t gonna tell you, I will,” she empathetically sings on the last line of the verse, lifting her voice into the strike of the confessional chorus:

“I kissed your boyfriend

No, I didn't know

He had a heart waiting at home

Please blame it all on me, though it ain't my fault

He never told me and I never thought

He was lyin' and cheatin', I didn't see it

There was no way to tell

He belonged to somebody else

To somebody else”

With utmost sincerity, Ottolini’s gut-wrenching emotions then turn into how guilty she feels that this even happened, filtered through a heartfelt understanding that the guy who was nothing more than a way to fill a lonely void for her was the other girls one and only.

Though this isn’t necessarily a song of regret because she honestly didn’t know that she was doing anything wrong until it was too late, it is a song that transparently pulls from the gamut of naturally confusing emotions that arrives in these circumstances, told through a mature lens of self-placed blame for the girl who’s heart she just unknowingly played a role in breaking.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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