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KANE BROWN - I Can Feel It - RCA Records Nashville

On the heels of announcing his highly anticipated ‘I Can Feel It Tour,’ country superstar Kane Brown has now released the tour’s namesake as his next single to impact country radio.

With his first official single since the wild success of his latest #1 “Bury Me In Georgia,” which is still making landfall high on the charts as of this writing, “I Can Feel It” immediately punches you with the very recognizable drum beat of the 1981 smash “I Can Feel It In The Air Tonight,” not only enticing your ears through its familiarity but earning Phil Collins a writing credit alongside Brown, Gabe Foust, and Jaxson Free. 

Out of that intro, the song grabs hold of a catchy, modern pop backbeat that’s wrapped in a unique western kissed flare like what we heard on “One Mississippi,” placing Kane Brown right in his wheelhouse as he brings us straight into the bar scene, painting the picture of the broken-hearted girl who has captured his attention just as they’ve already hit off and he flirtatiously leads her to the dance floor with the feeling that this could be something so much more as he strikes the chorus:

“I can feel it in the air

Feel it in the whiskey in my hand

In your hips

Your body tells me when you start to dance

Maybe this is turning to a we should probably get up out of here

Oh, baby, I swear

I can feel it in the air

I can feel it”

Amping the steaminess in the second half of the song, Brown compares the words that she’s whispering in his ear to being smooth as Tennessee while fully embracing the fact that their “flame ain’t buring low.”

The two-line bridge once again borrows directly from the Phil Collins hit to add a mid-song touch of nostalgia to the otherwise pop laden country track that leans far into the Friday night dancehall realm as a perfect meeting point between when the DJ stops spinning country music and starts playing hip-hop and pop.

The country music genre has recently hit a trend with borrowing ideas from bygone’s eras of music with songs such as Mackenize Carpenter’s “Country Girls (Just Wanna Have Fun)” and Dustin Lynch and Jelly Roll’s collaboration, “Chevrolet.” However, where each of those reimagine new lyrics into the same melody, Brown swerves by simply borrowing pieces and parts of a popular song, but still keeps this 99% original to his own aura which will be the catalyst for him to quickly smack the charts with “I Can Feel It” as he opens his next chapter and amps excitement for the upcoming 2024 tour.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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