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Jacob Bryant - Bird in a Cage- ONErpm

Ever since high school graduation, Jacob Bryant has immersed himself in music.  Writing, singing, and performing has become his safe haven, his muse, and his purpose.  The Georgia native has honed his craft over the years, through the ups and downs and ebbs and flows of life, and has developed himself into an incredibly talented singer-songwriter.

His latest release, “Birds In A Cage,” is the latest representation of the honesty, integrity, and commitment to the evolution of his musical craft.  From the bluesy, roots-infused undertones blended with the suggestively-somber traditional style, Bryant’s sound is truly unique. 

Lyrically, this is a song that speaks to the listener directly using metaphoric inferences.  He is a songwriter to his core, and his commitment to the lyricism has been long appreciated and acclaimed since the release of his debut EP in 2014.

Sung through his trademark, powerful rasp vocals, Jacob croons his way through the honest, vulnerably brilliant lyrics put the listener into his heart and mind from the track’s start through the finish.

“I’ll leave the front light on

Door unlocked and the window open

And I pray I hear your song

All night long and then on through the mornin’

Like a love sick lullaby

You know where I’m at if you ever change your mind”

Over the years, Bryant has continued to deliver one memorable tune after another, incorporating the mainstay elements that we all know and love while also adding an extra instrument or surprising melody to truly offer something new every time we hear new music. 

“Bird In A Cage” follows recent singles “That’ll Be The Day” and “Keepin’ On” from earlier this summer.  Having built a cult-like devoted following as a blue-collar musician on the singer-songwriter scene, he has released one impressive piece after another, cultivated by his full-length debut project, ‘Practice What I Preach,’ in 2019.  The ground-breaking and career-changing set featured standout tracks “Pour Whiskey On My Grave,” “More Than One Year”, and “Best Part of Me.” 

Since he devoted his life to his music career shortly after graduating high school, Jacob Bryant has shared his thoughts and feelings with his fans while touching on some of the more personal and vulnerable themes, including addiction, faith, and tragedy.  The ability to convey his own emotions on these topics while also enticing those listening the freedom to explore their own sentiments and reactions is something that puts this guy on another level.  Pure and simple, “Bird In A Cage” is the latest example of how gifted of a musician we have found in Jacob Bryant.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)




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