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MAGGIE BAUGH- Dear Me - Independent Release

Country music multi-instrumentalist and social media sensation Maggie Baugh is set to release her debut album, ‘Dear Me,’ on October 13th.  Highlighted by intuitive songwriting and soaring vocal runs, the set will further brighten the star of this talented songstress.  And the album’s title track, released just week’s ahead of her debut record, shines a light on an important aspect of Maggie’s story, music, and her life.

“’Dear Me’ is my mental health story,” Maggie shared.  “Mental health has always been a huge part of who I am and why I started writing music.”

Written by Baugh along with Elena Jones and Tyler Bank, this is a song that is deeply personal and vulnerable to Maggie and undeniably thought-provoking and emotionally-invoking for its listeners.  Released in recognition of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, “Dear Me” is an honest account of how our hearts and minds are influenced by the world around us and the thoughts we resonate inside our heads.  Unfortunately, this has had detrimentally tragic consequences, as we have seen over the years.  And part of the prevention process is awareness, and anecdotes like “Dear Me” bring this all-too familiar reality to light in a beautifully authentic manner. 

Baugh’s vocals are stunning on this track from start to finish, delivered cleanly so the listener can easily hear the importance message behind each line of the lyrics.

“Dear me

Why are you so damn hard on yourself

When did you start comparing your life to everybody else around you

Why do you feel like the weight of the world is weighing on you

Dear me”

In honor of “Dear Me” and Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, Maggie is working alongside the Tennessee Foundation of Suicide Prevention in addition to the National Board.

This tune follows a number of well-received releases from Maggie, including “I Met You”, “Seein’ Somebody”, and “Think About Me”.  Her incredibly popular TikTok series titled “Finish The Lick” has garnered more than 30 million views and her streaming numbers across all social media platforms continue to escalate her notoriety to the next level.

With eight dates currently listed on her Vinyl Tour in October and November, Maggie is hitting cities across the northeast and southeast, wowing audiences with her incredible live vocal bravado and intuitive musicianship.  A truly gifted singer, songwriter, and performer, she continues to make a name for herself as an undeniable talent in the country music mainstream.  October 13th, 2023 promises to represent yet another step in the ever-escalating trend that is Maggie Baugh’s recognition and appreciation.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)




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