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HAYDEN COFFMAN - Tennessee Blue - Independent Release

After releasing his very impressive summertime EP, Beer Ain’t Cold, which featured his latest smash “Take the Lonely,” Hayden Coffman almost instantly began to hype the buzz on the new music that was still to come from him this year.

Though most-often recognized for down-home, country anthems such as “Our Kind” and “Good ‘Ol Boys,” his craftiness with turning it down a notch to tug at heartstrings is where he offers the true depth of who he is as an artist when he perfectly fits his vocal into all the right emotional tilts to satisfy heartbroken lyrics.

That’s exactly what he’s done on “Tennessee Blue,” the first new music he’s released since his EP.

Taking us straight into the aftermath of the breakup, Coffman immediately confesses that he never thought she’d walk away from what they had together, while gripping the cold hard truth that her leaving has now changed everything in his life including his perspective on his beloved home state of Tennessee. 

Lifting the chorus, he travels the Volunteer State from East to West while striking memories on specific landmarks that no longer feel the same without her by his side:

“Now that Smokey Mountain high ain't what it once was

And Graceland don't shine bright anymore

Them Broadway bars don't feel the same

And number 7 don't ease my pain, like it used to

Yeah, you're leaving turned my Tennessee blue”

Expertly dragging us through his own tortured thoughts throughout the second verse, he naturally overthinks her current situation when he imagines that there’s no dark clouds in the sky whenever she’s at right now and that the radio isn’t playing sad songs to keep him on her mind, in stark contrast to his feelings of being lost without her and constantly thinking about her in every situation he’s faced with.

Hayden Coffman has always had a knack for connecting any situation to his core listener demographic, allowing him to sing through the good, the bad, and the ugly of life’s inevitable ups and downs while drawing us into each of the feels one line at a time.

While “Tennessee Blue” certainly encompass the hurts, the pains, and the struggles that come with trying to move on from a broken heart, Hayden’s amazing ability to grab hold of the natural anxieties within the overthinking process is the key factor that will leap out the speakers and connect heart to heart with the broken listener, elevating this song to becoming his next million plus streaming sensation.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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